I’m happy with where I am at in life… There is no “but” statement to follow it. Clear and simple, I love where I have ended up. I accept the good with the bad. My wrong choices and missed opportunities, even the choices of other’s have defined my life.

This blog will include all of my life defining moments (from the happiest to the darkest days I have ever had), in which have shaped the person that I am. These are the moments that, if I were to pass away tomorrow, are my life’s truths that I’d want you to know about me. It will all range from impactful moments to little memories. Some of the names will be shared for my happy little memories, but for my dark moments… I will keep those anonymous.

The reason I am doing this is to set the record straight for my own sanity. While I know my own truths, not speaking them out has had an impact on me… and my own perception of myself. I begin to question myself for the actions of others and blaming myself. I’m not a monster, but the lack of support and being called a liar… It had a dramatic impact on my self worth and had me thinking “I deserved what happened to me”.

Follow me through my journey of healing and love. There may be some triggering information on some of my blog posts, however I’ll put a warning in the subject lines.