Fists Clenched, Tough Guy

Sorry I’ve been away for a long time. While I have been focusing on healing from my past scars, I’ve also been focusing on my physical health and getting tested for lupus. This next story I’m going to share with you all is about my almost kidnapping story. I guess in a way I will […]

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Contact Information

Good afternoon y’all. If any of you are trying to contact me using the contact button, please make sure to provide me with your email address or contact information for me to reach back out to you. I recently received a notification of someone trying to reach me. Please re-send it and I’ll respond to […]

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Gift of a Knife (Trigger-Warning)

He said “why am I not enough to make you happy?” “My love should be enough for you.” I was suicidal and said I don’t know if I want to live. The next day he gave me a pocket knife and said to hide it from my family. They had already taken away the locks on my door and were about to move me downstairs to keep a watchful eye on me… He was texting me and said get the knife I gave you and end it. Years later, he said he was sorry.

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This blog will include all of my life defining moments (from the happiest to the darkest days I have ever had), in which have shaped the person that I am. These are the moments that, if I were to pass away tomorrow, are my life’s truths that I’d want you to know about me.

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